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Solstice Farms was established over 20 years ago with the purpose of helping to reconstruct the nearly extinct Orlov-Rostopchin breed from Russia, also known as the Russian Riding Horse or Russian Warmblood.  Survivors of World War II were crossed with Arabians, Ukrainians, and Anglo-Hungarians at the Starozhilovsky Stud near Moscow.  In the 1990s, some of the Elite stallions were imported to the U.S.  I bought the imported IZKUSNIK, who served as my foundation stallion.  Breeding today are his grandchildren with Arabians, OTTBs, Oldenburgs and Trakehners.

You are courteously invited to visit the farm to be charmed by BORIS, currently standing at stud, a 2004 Orlov-Rostopchin, 16.2hh solid black with impeccable manners and elegance, and all his WEANLING FOALS FOR SALE.

We have a variety of horses for sale, soon to be posted, all ages and colors, all of the SPORTHORSE TYPE, for dressage, jumping, hunter, endurance, trail riding, and pleasure.

Visit for information about the breed, the history, famous O-Rs and Olympian O-Rs, breeders, and registration information.


Also read articles about the Orlov-Rostopchin at

2017 Foals for Sale

Bazil(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Just About Boo, OTTB)bay coltMay 6, 2017

Willow(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x White Rapids, OTTB)grey fillyMay 13, 2017

Juniper(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Juneybird, OTTB)bay fillyMay 15, 2017

Fifty Shades Lighter(Ehrentanz, Trak x Kismet Shaklonna, Arab)grey coltMay 17, 2017

Yarrow(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Yampa River, OTTB)bay fillyJune 6, 2017

unnamed(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Quiet Tiara, OTTB)black fillyJune 7, 2017

Heart and Soul SF(HC Obsidian Silk, Arab x Havana Rose, Trak)bay coltJune 26, 2017

unnamed(HC Obsidian Silk, Arab x Warbird, OTTB)bay coltJuly 4, 2017

unnamed(Boris, Orlov-Rostopchin x Kismet Ky-Anne, Arab)black coltJuly 10, 2017

Truffles(HC Obsidian Silk, Arab x Glitters Gone Wild, OTTB)bay fillyOct 12, 2017

2016 foals

Karizma(Ehrentanz, Trak x Kylie SF, Trak/Arab)foalMay 3, 2016

Hepatica SF(Ehrentanz, Trak x Havana Rose, Trak)filly

Galaxy(Gorhonik, Orlov-Rostopchin x Kismet Ky-Anne, OR)foal


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