Mesa County Fairgrounds 2785 US-50, Grand Junction, Colorado 81503
Pat White
(970) 434-4516,
See description
Event Description:
Recognized by: Western Dressage Association of Colorado

OPENING DATE: May 11, 2020 Closing Date: May 25, 2020
MANAGER: Pat White, (970) 434-4516,
JUDGE: Sharron Sarchet, USDF “L” Judge and USEF “r” Western Dressage Judge
Longmont, Colorado

SHOW SECRETARY – Mail Entries To:
Darby Savoca, 4525 U Road, DeBeque, Colorado 81630; (970) 314-1454

O-Open; JR-Junior Rider (13 & under as of Jan. 1); YR-Young Rider (14-21 years of age as of Jan. 1); A-Adult Amateur; P-Pony

Sat. Sun. Level Test Division
201 301 Introductory Level A O,JR,YR,A,P
202 302 Introductory Level B O,JR,YR,A,P
203 303 Introductory Level C O,JR,YR,A,P
204 304 Training Level 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
205 305 Training Level 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
206 306 Training Level 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
207 307 First Level 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
208 308 First Level 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
209 309 First Level 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
210 310 Second Level 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
211 311 Second Level 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
212 312 Second Level 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
213 313 Third Level 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
214 314 Third Level 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
215 315 Third Level 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
216 316 Fourth Level 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
217 317 Fourth Level 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
218 318 Fourth Level 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
220 320 Musical Freestyle – Introductory Level Intro FS O,JR,YR,A,P
221 321 Musical Freestyle - Training Level thru Fourth Level
and above
222 322 Musical Freestyle - FEI TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
223 323 Lead Line Dressage Test - Ages 12 & Under GVDS Lead Line Test
224 324 Introductory Level – with Assistance Inside Arena –
Either Ponying or Following – English Tack TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
225 325 Western Dressage Introductory Level – with
Assistance Inside Arena – Either Ponying or
Following – Western Tack
226 326 Pas de Deux/Quadrille TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
227 327 Materiale Class Group O,JR,YR,A,P
228 328 USPEA Para Equestrian Dressage TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
229 329 USEA Eventing Test TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
230 330 Dressage Seat Equitation Group O,JR,YR,A,P
Sat. Sun. Level Test Division
231 331 Gaited Dressage TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
232 332 Gaited Dressage IJA Musical Freestyle –All Levels TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
233 333 Western Dressage Introductory Level 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
234 334 Western Dressage Introductory Level 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
235 335 Western Dressage Introductory Level 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
236 336 Western Dressage Introductory Level 4 O,JR,YR,A,P
237 337 Western Dressage Basic Level 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
238 338 Western Dressage Basic Level 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
239 339 Western Dressage Basic Level 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
240 340 Western Dressage Basic Level 4 O,JR,YR,A,P
241 341 Western Dressage Level 1 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
242 342 Western Dressage Level 1 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
243 343 Western Dressage Level 1 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
244 344 Western Dressage Level 1 4 O,JR,YR,A,P
245 345 Western Dressage Level 2 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
246 346 Western Dressage Level 2 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
247 347 Western Dressage Level 2 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
248 348 Western Dressage Level 2 4 O,JR,YR,A,P
249 349 Western Dressage Level 3 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
250 350 Western Dressage Level 3 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
251 351 Western Dressage Level 3 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
252 352 Western Dressage Level 3 4 O,JR,YR,A,P
253 353 Western Dressage Level 4 1 O,JR,YR,A,P
254 354 Western Dressage Level 4 2 O,JR,YR,A,P
255 355 Western Dressage Level 4 3 O,JR,YR,A,P
256 356 Western Dressage Level 4 4 O,JR,YR,A,P
257 357 Western Dressage Musical Freestyle – Introductory Level Intro FS O,JR,YR,A,P
258 358 Western Dressage Musical Freestyle Basic & Above TOC O,JR,YR,A,P
Tests for the 2019 USEF/USDF Introductory Level through Fourth Levels are available for download at
Test for the Lead Line Dressage class can be found on the GVDS website at – must use this specific Lead Line
Dressage test for this show.
Test for the Introductory Level Freestyle class (ridden either English or Western tack) can be found on the GVDS website at - must use this specific Introductory Freestyle test for this show.
RULES AND REGULATIONS: GVDS Schooling Shows are governed by United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) rules,
except where noted. Please see for complete rules. Please refer to for quick-reference or the
Dressage FAQ’s. The Dressage FAQ’s sheet will also be posted outside the show office. Minors (17 and under) may not ride
stallions in any class.
USEF WESTERN DRESSAGE RULES AND TESTS: See the Western Dressage Association of America web site at
Western tack must conform to Western Dressage Association of America standards. USEF/WDAA Attire and
Equipment Guide can be found at the following link:
GAITED DRESSAGE TESTS: See the Friends of Sound Horses IJA Manuel for Gaited Dressage web site at
EVENTING TESTS: See the United States Eventing Association web site at:
US PARA-EQUESTRIAN ASSOCIATION TESTS: See the United States Para-Equestrian Association web site at
FEI LEVEL TESTS: See the Federation Equestrian International web site at
Adult Amateur (AA) & OPEN Class Fees (22 & older as of Jan. 1) $25.00 per class
JR/YR Class Fees (21 & under as of Jan. 1) $15.00 per class
Office Fee (per entry and non-refundable) $20.00 per horse/rider combo
Stabling $15.00 per night
Shavings $ 8.00 per bag
RV Hook-Ups (Limited number of spaces) $30.00 per night (no charge if hook-ups not used)
Late Fee (per entry postmarked after closing date) $15.00
Non-sufficient funds fee $35.00
Change Fee $10.00
Incomplete Entry Fee $20.00
ON-LINE ENTRIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE through Equestrian Entries, go to to enter the
show and pay on-line. Otherwise, you can still enter by mailing an entry form and check to the show secretary.
Make checks payable to Grand Valley Dressage Society. Mail entries to Show Secretary.
Please note that the trainer signature would be the person who is responsible for the horse while on the show grounds.
ENTRIES: Entries accepted on a first come, first served basis, based on (readable) postmark. Post entries (postmarked after
closing date) will be accepted on a space available basis with late fee. GVDS Entry Form must be used. Once the competition is
filled a wait list will be established. Wait list will be maintained through June 5, 2020. If entry is incomplete, horse/rider combination
will be placed on the wait list until required paperwork is received. Numbers are required at all times when horse is outside of stall.
Entry form required if schooling only. Anyone not appearing for any of their dressage tests without prior notification to the show
secretary will be "scratched" from their remaining classes. Those rides will be filled if possible.
SHOW COMMITTEE: The show committee reserves the right to cancel or split classes; limit class size; change arenas; limit the
number of rides & number of horses per rider; and cancel or add judges. The show committee also reserves the right to refuse
any entries.
PONY CLASSES: Pony classes are for ponies that do not exceed 148cm in height without shoes, or 149 cm with shoes.
MUSICAL FREESTYLE: No minimum score requirement. Please don’t forget to bring your music (CD required!).
MATERIALE CLASS: Judged as a group on the rail at walk, trot and canter, both directions. Judging is on the horse.
DRESSAGE SEAT EQUITATION: Judged as a group at medium walk, working trot (sitting and rising) and canter both ways of
the ring. Minors (17 and under) may not ride stallions.
RIDE TIMES: Provisional ride times will be available at and will be emailed to those entrants who provide a valid
email address. Official times will be posted at the show office.
SUBSTITUTION: Substitution of rider, horse, ride time or class will be made only at the discretion of show management and will
require a fee of $10.00 per test.
SCHOOLING (OUT OF COMPETITION) HORSES: May be brought to the show but must be registered on an entry form, with
signatures and office fee per horse/rider and any other appropriate fees (i.e. stabling, etc.). Bridle number should be worn on the
horse when out of the stall. Areas where they may be ridden or hand walked may be restricted, and priority given to horses in
competition. Check with the show office for details.
MINIMUM SHOW ATTIRE: Helmet, boots with heel, and clean clothes (gloves and breeches would be nice but are not
HORSE TACK: Tack must follow USEF rules regarding acceptable tack. Disciplines may not “mix-n-match”; polo wraps/boots
allowed. Please address any requests for exceptions with show management prior to riding your test. Our goal is to direct all
riders toward using correct equipment.
USEF HELMET RULE: Per USEF DR 120.6, anyone mounted on a horse on competition grounds must wear protective
headgear which includes non-competing riders, unless showing under Western Dressage Association of America Rules (all
Western Dressage classes). GVDS Show Management also requires all riders under 18 years of age to wear protective headgear
when mounted.
SHOW OFFICE: Office will be open from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm on the day prior to the start of the show and 1 hour prior to the first
class each day of the show; as well as 30 minutes following the last ride each day.
REFUNDS: Up through closing date, all fees refunded except office fee. From day after closing to June 5, 2020, class fees will be
refunded only if ride(s) can be filled from wait list. Stabling fees refunded if cancellation is on or before June 6, 2020. During
competition days no refunds including Acts of God. Office fee is non-refundable.
SHARPS CONTAINERS: Sharps containers will be available in the stabling area and in the show office. Competition management
may fine any individuals including trainers, owners, exhibitors, or their agents up to $100 for improper disposal of needles or other
sharp disposable instruments.
GVDS YEAR-END AWARDS: You MUST be a current GVDS member PRIOR to entry for scores to qualify. See
for GVDS Year-End Awards rules.
AWARDS: Ribbons awarded 1st through 6th place. Overall High Score and Reserve High Score will be awarded each day for the
English dressage classes (classes 201-219 and 301-319). Overall High Score and Reserve High Score will be awarded each day
for the Western dressage classes (classes 233-256 and 333-356). High Point competitors are responsible for having awards
picked up or shipped if they are not present at the time the awards are presented/announced.
TIES: In the event of a tie, the total of the collective marks will determine the placing. If the tie remains, then the tie stands.
STABLING: Permanent 12 x 12 stalls with full doors; bedding required but not provided. Stabling available at noon on Friday,
June 5, 2020, unless prearranged.
ARENAS: Competition arena is the larger of the two covered arenas at the facility which is a 20m x 60m covered arena with
sand/dirt footing. Warm-up arena is also a large covered arena with sand/dirt footing located next to the competition arena. Both
covered arenas watered and worked throughout the show. Lungeing area will be posted. Show arena open for schooling
Friday afternoon/evening until show office closes.
DOGS: Dogs are welcome but must be leashed, held by a human or tied securely at all times.
Each exhibitor shall hold the Grand Valley Dressage Fall Show its directors, employees, volunteers, and the Mesa County
Fairgrounds harmless for any accident to a spectator, participant, horse, or equipment, which may occur from sickness, fire, theft,
or otherwise.
DIRECTIONS: From East of Grand Junction: Take I-70 Westbound to Exit 37 (Clifton, I-70 Business Loop Exit) and proceed
South to the second stop light (32 Rd, Hwy 141) and turn left. Stay on this road until it ends at the junction with Highway 50
(approximately 5-6 miles). At this junction, turn right and proceed 3.5 miles on Highway 50. You will see the Mesa County
Fairgrounds on your left. At the Fairgrounds sign, enter and immediately turn left and follow the road towards the barns.
From West of Grand Junction: Take I-70 Eastbound to Exit 26. Turn right off the exit ramp onto Highway 6 & 50. Stay on Highway
50 as it winds through town. Turn right at Fifth Street at the sign for Highway 50 to Delta. Follow Fifth Street as it goes over the
Colorado River and continue 2.3 miles. You will see the Mesa County Fairgrounds on your right. At the Fairgrounds sign, enter
and immediately turn left and follow the road towards the barns.
Only one horse/rider per entry form. Both side of this form must be completed.
Name of Horse Sex* Height Color Age
Breed Horse USDF Number
*M = Mare, S = Stallion, G = Gelding
Rider or
Name USDF Number JR/YR Birthdate
Address Email Cell Phone Number
Name USDF Number
Address Email Cell Phone Number
Name USDF Number
Address Email Cell Phone Number
*TRAINER: Person responsible for the horse during the show, must be 18 years of age or older and must be on the show grounds during the show.
Class No. Division Class Description Class Fees
? Enclosed a check for the total fee, ONE CHECK PER ENTRY!
? Completed both sides of the entry form
? Obtained all required signatures on this entry form in BLUE
Entries will not be accepted without all required signatures, and full payment
Stall Fee
Number of Bags:_______
Tack Stall Fee
Office Fee
RV Parking Fee
GVDS Donation
Total Fees
STABLING FORM Name and phone of competitor’s lodging during competition
Rider: Cell Phone:
Home Address: Home Phone:
Name of Horse: Sex: Dates of Stabling:
*M = Mare, S = Stallion, G = Gelding
Approx. Date/Time of Arrival: Approx. Date/Time of Departure:
Special Requests:
GVDS 2020
Entry Form
Grand Valley Dressage Society
Schooling Shows
Name of Lodging Phone Number
Name of Competition Date

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